Henri Quenvil was a French artist working from 1917 til the 1930s. Located in Paris, 47, rue d'Hautevile (10e), Quenvil produced beautiful glassware and porcelain with thickly applied polychrome enamel. Can be compared to Robj (for whom he made models), Andre Delatte, Marcel Goupy, Argy Rousseau and Adrien Mayozer.

Items marked with the QuenvilH or QuenvitH signature are very rare. Marcel Franck supplied the hardware for Quenvil perfume atomizers shown in a 1924 Marcel Franck catalog. The perfume atomizers can be quite rare to find, sometimes Delatte made other types of perfume bottles, mostly the splash type colognes. The signature D.Oriz was also used.

The pieces of this decoration workshop are very difficult to find, apart from those designed for large publishers such as Robj. The pieces offer a quality well above the usual production and therefore required a significant human investment, explaining that Quenvil only produced in small series.