Jeddah Project

A Saudi architecture firm contacts us about a set of office furniture for its client, in Jeddah: "I really liked the little 'Ecritoire' desk and would like the same in 3m long."

Indeed, why not bigger?

The whole project consists of a desk, integrating removable parts on a slide, 3 m long by 1.30 m wide, and 2 sideboards, 2.30 m long with a depth of 45 cm.

The wood selected for its warm color is the essence of Difou, from Africa, it has been associated with leather in a nice Camel tone and chrome for the monogram marking.

French know-how was put to contribution, because the upholstery, metalwork, cutting and polishing were carried out by French companies.

The installation was done on site by our team.

3m long desk and 2 matching sideboards - 2020

Similar model to the Jeddah desk