"An international clientele, and a free sales and logistics force available to companies, artists and designers"

Art Deco Ceramic Glass Light (ADCGL) is a company created in 2003 by Georges & Laetitia Mercier. On the conviction, then, that the Internet would revolutionize the uses of customers and galleries with regard to the exchange of works of art, antiques, and decorative objects or high-end designer furnishings. The challenge was to bring the client closer to the desired artwork or object without any geographic constraints. This required a highly professional structure responding to the needs imposed by the medium and strict procedures to compensate for the lack of physical contact of the amateur with the object. Everything had to be done to establish and consolidate the confidence of a demanding clientele and thus allow them to consider, communicate and decide in peace. Also to ensure that the work would be delivered under the conditions required by the client.

For their part, creators and artists were looking for a way to publicize their achievements via the internet without this investment being made to the detriment of their creative energy. ADCGL has come to respond to this need for high-end and luxury products. ADCGL has built and has a proven network offering the visibility of the production of its bouquet of partners to a wealthy or exceptional international clientele. They can thus make themselves known to connoisseur and hurried amateurs, protected and hard-to-reach personalities, or / and their interior designers, sell their creations and create quality references that benefit their image.

ADCGL thus allows its partners to focus on the design and production of their works, taking care of everything related to their publication, customer research, communication, negotiation, payment, organization of delivery and customer satisfaction.

To artistically cover the areas mentioned, ADCGL relies on its internal skills, but also on those of artists, experts, specialized companies, ... The proposed works are described scrupulously and are the subject of quality photographs that can be enlarged beyond what is necessary so that each of their details can be carefully examined. Furnishing or decorative pieces can even be made to order and to measure.

In 20 years, ADCGL has built up an international clientele present on five continents which is constantly growing. It is made up of enlightened amateurs, collectors, people of taste seduced by a work or a specific object, including among the international celebrities who lead to the notoriety of the company and its partners. Interior designers are also important players in the service of their customers, with whom ADCGL in particular maintaining the closest relations.