Art Deco Ceramic Glass Light (ADCGL) is a company created in 2003 by Georges & Laetitia Mercier. On the conviction, then, that the Internet would revolutionize the uses of customers and galleries with regard to the exchange of works of art, antiques, and decorative objects or high-end designer furnishings. The challenge was to bring the client closer to the desired artwork or object without any geographic constraints. This required a highly professional structure responding to the needs imposed by the medium and strict procedures to compensate for the lack of physical contact of the amateur with the object. Everything had to be done to establish and consolidate the confidence of a demanding clientele and thus allow them to consider, communicate and decide in peace. Also to ensure that the work would be delivered under the conditions required by the client. 

For 20 years, ADCGL has been looking for, evaluating, choosing and offering works of art and decorative art to a wise international clientele. Created by professionals with advanced degrees in Art History and with solid experience, ADCGL advises and assists its clients in their choices. Interior designers, VIPs and collectors call upon our services for global projects, and specific acquisitions of old pieces or from our own decoration lines.

Our teams are constantly looking for prestigious pieces, but also works of art and furniture conducive to satisfying the interest of decorative arts enthusiasts and collectors. Private properties, castles, period hotels are places that we favor in our prospecting for old pieces and our national network is important. More, our artists design appropriate pieces that we manufacture in addition to our offer of old pieces.


It is at the beginning of the 20th century that French painting knows its revolution with the Fauvism which definitively changes the way to apprehend the subject. Shortly after, Cubism will change drastically the way of conceiving it. These two movements, breaking with the past, are nevertheless inspired by it and find their roots in it. In the same way, other movements will follow them, to prolong them or to fight them. The object of our gallery is to propose a collection of artworks of this century so rich in talents and discoveries, in scientific, philosophical, social and political innovations, unfortunately marked by monstrous local and planetary conflicts. All this has not been without consequence on individuals, and this is what the painters of this century show or suggest to us. The adventure they propose takes us to pleasant and comfortable sites, other upsetting and dangerous, but also complex places where the observation of the subject or human nature requires so much attention. Be that as it may, the testimony they leave us is that of the mind and the heart. We also present permanent exhibitions of modern or contemporary artists. We hope you will enjoy following them. 

Designers, small manufacturers and artists are looking for a way to publicize their achievements via the internet without this investment being made to the detriment of their creative energy. ADCGL has come to respond to this need for high-end and luxury products. ADCGL has built and has a proven network offering the visibility of the production of its bouquet of partners to a wealthy or exceptional international clientele. They can thus make themselves known to connoisseur and hurried amateurs, protected and hard-to-reach personalities, or / and their interior designerss, sell their creations and create quality references that benefit their image.

ADCGL has developped a high-end furniture line dedicated to interior designers and that fits perfectly into their overall project. ADCGL Design offers pieces with known dimensions, but also a custom-made service. In this case, we listen to our client, we work with him on the materials, essences, colors, and submit to him the design resulting from our collaboration.

In the tradition of master cabinetmakers, manufacturers of "king's cabinets", we play with materials, essences and skins to harmonize colors and aspects. Each time, the creation process is a unique story. The project is gradually nourished by a patient relationship forged with clients and interior designers where need, desire, enthusiasm, imagination, inspiration and know-how intersect. Our line of furniture is produced by artisans among the best in France.

In case of special need, do not hesitate to contact us. We can search and find the piece you are looking for, or advise you the best interior designer closest to you who can carry out your project.

Far from the shiny and flashy scenes of commercial stages, come and discover in our showroom the intimate soul of an Art Deco residence