Berthe GIRARDET Terra Cotta Old Woman Bust Sculpture, 1900

Old woman terra cotta bust sculpture - Ref 18513

by Berthe GIRARDET (1861-1948)

Manufacture de l'Isle-Adam  (north of Paris)

France, ca.1900


Height : 16"(41cm),  Width : 18"(46cm), Depth : 9.4"(24cm)

Excellent condition !

Berthe Girardet born in Marseille on April 8, 1861, is the daughter of Charles Gustave Imer (1826-1907), a wealthy merchant of Swiss origin based in Marseille, and of Hélène Rogers, daughter of an American merchant based in Naples. She trained in the workshop of Émile Aldebert and exhibited her first works under her young daughter Berthe Imer until her marriage in 1893 with the painter-engraver Paul-Armand Girardet (1859-1915), descendant of a family of Swiss artists, the Girardets, originally from Le Locle.

She is buried in the new cemetery of Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine).


Portrait of Paul Girardet at the Neuchâtel museum

The fisherman of Tréport

The bullfighter

The sick child

Bust of a young girl

Bust of old woman

Monument in memory of the collaboration of the American and French Red Cross in Chaulnes (Somme)

Give Today Our Daily Bread, Detroit Institute of Arts

Part of the statuary from the Douaumont ossuary

Serenity, bas-relief located in Allée Ray-Grassi in Marseille

Communiant, 1904, terracotta, Musée Petiet, Limoux

Kindergarten, 1908, plaster model, Petit Palais, Paris


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