Henri GAUQUIE The Sower French Sculpture, ca.1910


by Henri Désiré GAUQUIE (1858-1927)

France, ca.1910


Height : 18.25"(46.4cm), Width : 7.9"(20cm), Depth : 8.1"(20.5cm)

Signed " H. Gauquié " and marked " Bronze " (see photo)

Some patina wear due to time which gives all its charm to this magnificent sculpture

Condition : very good


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Among his most significant works for the French State are the - Monument to Watteau (marble and bronze, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, 1896) and the Ronde d'Amours bearing garlands among winged fish (Pont Alexandre III, Paris, 1900).

Henri Gauquié was a pupil of René Fache at the Académie de Valenciennes. After having competed in Lille, he obtained a departmental scholarship which enabled him to continue his artistic studies at the École des beaux-arts de Paris in the studio of Jules Cellar.

In 1886, he obtained a 3rd medal and a travel grant from the Ministry of Public Instruction and Fine Arts for his Persée group, winner of Medusa, purchased by the State for the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Agen (work destroyed). After a year spent in Italy and Belgium, he returned to France. His Brennus obtained a second medal at the Salon of 1890. The bronze of this statue adorned the Dodenne park in Valenciennes (sent to be cast under the Vichy regime). He obtained a first medal at the Salon of 1895 for his marble group Bacchante et Satyre (Tourcoing, MUba Eugène Leroy).

We owe him several public monuments, most obtained by competition and executed in collaboration with the architect Henri Guillaume.

He died on August 19, 1927 in Montfort-l'Amaury and was buried in Paris at the Père-Lachaise cemetery (50th division).

Some works:

- Perseus conquering Medusa (plaster, 1886),

- Vae victis (plaster, 1889),

- Brennus (bronze, 1890),

- Diana (marble, 1891),

- Spring Awakening (1892),

- Marguerite d'Angoulème (Salon of 1893),

- Bacchante and Satyr (marble, 1895),

- Monument to Watteau (marble and bronze, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, 1896),

- Modern construction (Condé-sur-Escaut, 1898),

- Ronde d'Amours wearing garlands among winged fish (Alexandre III bridge, Paris, 1900),

- Monument to Mademoiselle de Latude dit la Clairon (Condé-sur-Escaut, 1901),

- Paul Dislère (Chartreuse Museum, Douai, 1902);

- High relief of the Design and Architecture Academies of Tourcoing (1904),

- Mausoleum of the sculptor Gustave Crauck (Valenciennes cemetery, 1905),

- Hunter (1905),

- Crab bather (marble, 1907),

- Monument to the Soldiers of the canton of Semur (Semur-en-Auxois, 1908),

- Equestrian statue of Marshal Villars (Denain, 1913),

- L'Humanité gathering the victims of work (Salon of 1913),

- Monument to President Sadi Carnot (Lyon),

- The Sower

- Grace breaking free from a Faun,

- "Nil Virtuti Invium" or "Samson freeing himself from his bonds".