MAYEMBA Bronze Sculpture, Congo, 2002

Bronze sculpture - Ref 05812

by MAYEMBA (1946-)

Congo, 2002

Two African women with trays

Bronze sculpture on a wooden base (palm tree?)

Height : 15.75"(33cm), Width : 6.9"(16cm), Depth : 8.3"(14.5cm)

Excellent condition !

Signed numbered, located and dated "Mayemba RDC 2002" (see photos)

Born in Lemfu on January 19, 1946, Mayemba ma Nkakasa completed his primary studies in Kinshasa. In 1960 he entered the Painting section of the Academy of Fine Arts where, seven years later, he graduated. He offered his services to national radio and television, more precisely to RENAPEC (National Board of Educational and Cultural Productions), today RATELESCO.

After a film internship in Belgium, he worked as a cameraman, then as head of cameramen on national television. In 1976, he resumed his studies at the Académie des Beaux-Arts, but this time in the Ensemblier-Décoration section, from which he graduated in 1979. Responsible for professional practice in this same department, he then flew to Belgium where he pursued graduate studies in decoration.

Although relatively young, Mayemba deploys a remarkable and almost permanent activity in the artistic world through his participation in the exhibitions of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Zairian Commercial Bank. Among his first events abroad are beautiful exhibitions in Paris and Lausanne.

Once his career was launched, he then benefits from major orders. He works in collaboration with ceramists, coppersmiths and sculptors. To his credit, let us mention the large mosaic of the BCZ in Kinshasa, the ceramic wall friezes of the patio of the VIP at the Cité du Parti in N'Sele and of the wall of the headquarters of the European Economic Community in Gombe, the copper of the wall front of the "Super Yaya" department stores in the city center.

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