Large Table "Remarquable"





France, custom-made



Dimensions : h75 x w300 x d120 cm - h29.5 x w118.1 x d47.25 inches

Made in France

The "remarkable" table project was born from the request of a client, who after having your exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, asked us to imagine a large table of 3 mx 1.20 m which was to be installed. in his future home.

The house project is a very contemporary construction in wood and glass in the pure Zen tradition, inspired by the Japanese architect Kidosaki.

The challenge for this table was to create a light and dynamic line despite its imposing format. This one rests on feet which respect the through light of this house.

It is entirely veneered with Ziricote wood which in its grain lets imagine a thousand landscapes in the manner of a Japanese print.

This  table was custom-made according to the requests of one of our clients

It can be made identically, but also in other materials and sizes according to your wishes and needs

In the tradition of master cabinetmakers, manufacturers of "king's cabinets", we play with materials, essences and skins to harmonize colors and aspects

Each time, the creation process is a unique story

The project is gradually nourished by a patient relationship forged with clients and project managers, where need, desire, enthusiasm, imagination, inspiration and know-how intersect

Our line of furniture is produced by artisans among the best in France (Ecole Boulle)