French Terracotta Church Console, ca.1850

Polychrome Terracotta Church Console - Ref 14009

France, ca.1850

We removed this console from a chapel soon demolished

Polychrome terracotta church console, ca.1850. It is made of  terracotta, not plaster. This niche of medieval inspiration offers the remarkable colors of the pre-Renaissance

Of course this piece can be placed in a chapel, but it also offers a powerful decorative potential for a place of life. A special hooking device will probably have to be installed.

This 19th century piece is in good condition. The original colors are not passed, but some lacks can be seen. We did not want to touch hit to leave it "in its own juice"

Indeed, depending on the type of decoration and effect chosen, it can be installed as it is or with the lacks restored

Height : 17.7"(45cm), Width : 20.9"(53cm), Depth : 14.6"(37cm)

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