French Bamboo & Rattan Doll's Bedroom, ca.1900

French Bamboo & Rattan Doll's Bedroom - Ref 21312

France, ca.1900

Bamboo, Rattan, Wicker & Fabric

Doll's bedroom, France, around 1900

The set consists of a bed, a table, an armchair and a chaise longue

It is in very good condition for its age. Part of this set was still protected by its original paper when we acquired it

The mattress and the bolster are in straw covered with pink Toile de Jouy decorated with roses

Fabric is in relative good condition with some stains that you can see in the photos

Bed - Width: 24"(61cm), Height: 16.1"(41cm), Depth : 13.8"(35cm)

Chaise longue - Width: 18.9"(48cm), Height: 11.8"(30cm), Depth : 9.4"(24cm)

Armchair - Width: 8.5"(21.5cm), Height: 11.6"(29.5cm), Depth : 8.5"(21.5cm)

Table - Width: 6.7"(17cm), Height: 11.6"(29.5cm), Depth : 6.7"(17cm)

The doll shown in a photo is not part of the set for sale

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