ROYAL DUX Crackle Glaze Ceramic Sculpture, The Young Lady and the Fawn, 1918-1925

Large Art Deco Group in Glazed Porcelain Biscuit - Ref 05100


Bohemia, 1919-1925

The Young Lady And The Fan

Height: 15.75"(40cm), Width: 8.9"(22.5cm), Depth: 7.9"(20cm)

Signed "Royal Dux F Czechoslovakia" below the base

Condition : excellent !

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Founded in 1853 near Prague in Dux, initially to produce utilitarian objects, the factory was bought by Eduard Eichler, a renowned artist, which marked the beginning of its prosperity. But it was from 1898, following his move to Berlin, that works of remarkable quality were produced. This important factory produced vases, figurines, often female subjects, in exuberant decorations of flowers, leaves on seashell bases, fountains ... The porcelain was left in the form of a biscuit, gilded or painted, often in green. During this Art Nouveau period, the company was successful thanks to a modeler-decorator Alois Hampel.