French Art Deco ceramic vase - Ref 12311

France, 1931

Ceramic vase made especially for the 1931 International Colonial Exhibition in Paris

The first time we see it

The International Colonial Exhibition was held in Paris from May 6 to November 15, 1931, at the Porte Dorée and on the site of the Bois de Vincennes, to present the products and achievements of all the colonies and dependencies across-sea of France, as well as those of the main colonial powers within pavilions reminding the architecture of these territories, in particular black Africa, Madagascar, North Africa, Indochina, Syria and Lebanon

It received eight million visitors, who came to travel "around the world in one day" according to the slogan of the time

The Palais de la Porte Dorée (see top banner of this page) was built in Paris for this occasion and to become the Colonial Museum.

Height: 9.4"(23.8cm), Diameter6.7"(17cm)

Marked under the base "Exposition Coloniale 1931" with "n° 51" incised

A signature we cannot identify in the pattern

Condition : very good !