French Art Deco ceramic vase - Ref 12413

by Céramique d'Art de Bordeaux - CAB

France, 1930s


Turquoise cover

Height: 7.9"(20cm), Diameter :  9.85"(25cm)

Marked under the base "CAB 4830 France" (see photo)

Some imperfectionson the cover due to the technique of this period (see photo)

CAB was one of the main suppliers of the PRIMAVERA studio (Le Printemps)

Condition : very good !

The Céramique d'Art workshop in Bordeaux (1919-1947) focused on artisanal work. The existing workshop, bought to launch this new activity, was located at 39 avenue Saint-Amand in Caudéran, in the Bordeaux area, and was not suitable for large-scale manufacturing.

Jean Mérillon, its founder, is a wine merchant by trade. Just after the First World War, in 1919, he bought this small business at the age of sixty-seven. In fact, he satisfies an old passion for ceramics. Great-grandson of the Bordeaux earthenware maker Boyer, he trained from time to time in earthenware and enamel work, as a dabbler but with a certain talent, notably with Vieillard. In his old age, he surrounded himself with friends, notable Bordeaux - merchants, industrialists, politicians, lawyers - interested in the decorative arts, to set up Céramique d'Art de Bordeaux.

The artistic and technical direction is entrusted to Félix Gête, a former tailor in Paris. The objects that came out of the CAB workshops immediately broke with what had been done in Bordeaux until then and were part of the currents of decorative arts which at that time were seeking to renew themselves in France. The production is centered on vases, dishes and abandons the utilitarian register.

CAB was one of the main suppliers of the PRIMAVERA studio (Le Printemps).