Bohumil REZL Large French Art Deco Group in Glazed Porcelain Biscuit, Late 1920s

Large Art Deco Group in Glazed Porcelain Biscuit - Ref 08809

by Bohumil REZL (1899-1963)

at Villenauxe-la-Grande

France, Late 1920s

Width: 21.9"(55.5cm), Height: 11.6"(29.5cm), Depth: 7"(18cm)

Incised signature "B.Rezl" and "Depose" mark, and Villenauxe stamps on the back of the base (see photo)

Condition : excellent !

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The sculptor Bohumil REZL was born on September 17, 1899 in Czechoslovakia.

He emigrated to Paris in 1926, where he began to create models for the manufacture of Villenauxe

Around 1933, he moved to Villenauxe-la-Grande to work at the factory

In 1951, he returned to Czechoslovakia where he died in 1963

Passionate about astronomy, B. Rezl spoke several languages

His production of statuettes is much sought after today