Ateliers de Marolles, Jean Touret, Midcentury Wrought-iron Table Lamp, ca.1950

French Midcentury Table Lamp - Ref 12509

by Ateliers de Marolles

Created by Jean TOURET, artistic director

and Henri VION, ironworker

France, ca.1950

The pair is available

Tripod table lamp with rooster singing pattern

Hammered wrought-iron

Overall dimensions : 71x35 cm - 28x13.8 inches

Height without socket neither booster : 17.1" and 17.3"(43.5cm and 44cm), Base diameter : 10.2"(26cm)

Delivered wired for your country (US, EU, Australia, etc...)

The floor lamp of this model is illustrated in AD Magazine November-December, front cover and page #144 (French version)

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