In 1919, the brothers Albert and Charles Simonet took over the ironwork workshops set up in rue des Archives in Paris. In the 19th century, these seem to have devoted themselves to the production of bronzes, mainly intended for lighting elements - chandeliers and suspensions, feet of lampposts and lamps, torches, etc. - as well as the ornamentation of stylish furniture.

The Simonet brothers give new impetus to the house by orienting it towards modern creation; the workshops produced original pieces, often drawn by Albert’s hand, while a real catalog was developed. Thus, the Simonet brothers buy glass shades from the most prestigious glassworks (Daum, Schneider, etc.). The pieces produced figure at the top of the French lighting of this period. Simonet Freres supplied the greatest of this period, but also big hotels, embassies, etc. Crystal becomes the material of choice for Simonet pieces, following the example of René Lalique's path; their realization is entrusted to the glassworks of Choisy-le-Roi, a prestigious institution in activity since 1805.

This new inflection allows the Simonets to create new pieces, resolutely in tune with the times and intended for a greater number of people, like certain decorative objects - trinkets, vases - whose models are designed by the sculptor Henri Dieupart. , and which bear the signatures "Dieupart" and "Simonet frères éditeurs" joined together.