Charles SCHNEIDER Le Verre Francais French Art Deco Houblon Pendant Chandelier, 1922-1925

French Art Deco chandelier by Charles Schneider - Ref 00200

Epinay-sur-Seine (Paris), 1922-1925

Yellow glass overlaid with orange changing to blue at the top. Houblon pattern acid-etched

that comes hung at its genuine and elegant wrought-iron fixture by Schneider too

Height : 24"(61cm), Diameter : 14"(35.5cm)

Signed "Le Verre Français" on the shade (see photo)

Excellent+++++ condition !

Delivered wired with three sockets for your country usage (US, EU, Australia, China, etc...)

Shape and wrought-iron fixture are illustated in "Schneider Maître verrier" by Gérard Bertrand, Editions Faton, Dijon, 1995, page #180 (see photo)

The houblon pattern is illustrated in "Charles Schneider, Le Verre Français - Charder - Schneider" by Marie-Christine Joulin & Gerold Maier, Wissner, Augsburg, 2004, page #111 (see photo)

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