Son of the painter Charles Picart Le Doux ( 1881-1959 ), Jean Picart Le Doux was born in Paris on 31 January 1902 . He received no specialized vocational training after a few courses in private academies, he made his debut in the bookbinding and publishing.

In 1933, he abandoned publishing for graphic arts and advertising. He exhibited his first works in 1935 at the Galerie Billiet-Vorms and until 1940 , extending its activities in this area , he participated in various events and so he obtained the 1st Prize of the Theatre Poster. The meeting in 1940 with Jean Lurcat was decisive for him : he was therefore passionately interested in the revival of the tapestry without sacrificing graphic arts , and run in 1944 for Leleu, his first cartons ( decoration of the liner ship " La Marseillaise , "). In 1946, he took part in the great exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art.

He was the general secretary of the journal Plans.

Jean Lurçat and Marc Saint- Saëns gathered around him in 1947 to create the Association of painters cartonniers tapestry .

Apart from special exhibitions in Paris ( Galerie de France , 1950) in Lausanne and Zurich , Jean Picart Le Doux participated in many exhibitions in France and abroad as well as Salons des Independants, d'Automne and des Décorateurs.

Vice President of the Association of Painters cartonniers, Committee member of the Society of Artists decorators, the Salon d'Automne , the Union of Plastic Arts and the Board of Directors of the House of French Thought, Jean Picart Le Doux received large tapestry orders for the Chambre de Commerce of Paris , the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique , shipping couriers , the FondationSalomon de Rothschild, the French Lycée in Lisbon.

Some tapestries have already been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art , the Mobilier National , the Manufacture des Gobelins and one of them , the " Ceres " by the Polish State.

Picart Le Doux is a great teacher of the Aubusson tapestry. He died in 1982.