Alfredo Barbini Vulcano Glass Sculpture 1950s


by Alfredo BARBINI

Murano, 1950's

Height: 17"(43cm), Width: 11.2"(28.5cm)

Signed "A.Barbini" on the base

Condition : perfect

Vulcano glass sculpture by Alfredo Barbini, Murano, 1957. Sometimes called Volcano. Signed "A.Barbini" on the base (see photo).

This Alfredo Barbini's sculpture is one of the most beautiful vulcanos we have ever seen. Nothing flashy, no acid drop color. These red, green and amethyst blown glass craters are very comfortable with their period. They are inserted in a thick glass plaque with a slightly undulating surface. The smoked part (in Murano they say Alfredo Barbini invented the smoked glass because he loved dark colors) on the left evokes lava, the turquoise blue the sky (or the sea). This last effect is a characteristic of the vulcano pieces by Alfredo Barbini (not always)

This piece has been chosen to illustrate the catalogue front page of the Porte d'Auteuil contemporary art fair (Paris, 2003). 

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