by Octave Guillonnet and Pierre Bracquemond

Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, 1924

Height : 13.2"(33.5cm), Diameter : 6.3"(16cm)

Stamped at the very bottom: "Made in France"; "O.D.V. Guillonnet"; "Braquemond"

and two logos "S 1924 DN" and "RF Manufacture Nationale - Décoré à Sèvres 1924".

Excellent+++++ condition !

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On the proposal of the French Olympic Committee, only 309 of these vases were made and four versions were created to reward the various Olympic events. They were only awarded to individual competitors and captains of gold-medal winning teams, with some ending up in the hands of dignitaries or reserved for institutions. Many winners would have received their vases long after the Games (often from the French Embassy if a competitor was abroad) because the necessary production figures were not reached in time.

The four models are differentiated by the content of the labels in white paste in semi-relief on a gray background: diving, football, rowing and rugby; cycling, sailing, tennis and shooting; fencing, horse riding, Basque pelota and parallel bar in gymnastics; javelin throwing, rowing, boxing and running.

Surviving examples of these superb trophy vases are of the utmost rarity

Designed by Octave Denis Victor Guillonnet and executed by Pierre Bracquemond at the famous Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory, this exquisite porcelain vase stands 33.5cm tall and is crafted with attractive hand-painted golden laurel branches on a blue background French. The four medallions present fencing, horse riding (polo), gymnastics and Basque pelota, which were demonstrated during these Games. On the pass is a flight of planes to connect the nations. Its total weight is 55 ounces (1537g). At the very bottom is stamped with the appropriate hallmarks: "MADE IN FRANCE"; "O.D.V. GUILLONNET"; "BRAQUEMOND"; and two logos "S 1924 DN" and "RF DECORE A SEVRES 1924".

Museum piece

A copy at the Petit Palais in Paris here