The Société Anonyme des Etablissements Leune started around 1900 at 28bis rue du Cardinal Lemoine in Paris 5e. Before the world war I, they were producing pieces in the romantic taste with landscapes slightly enameled. During the 1920s Paul Daum worked as the director of this company. In the years 1923-1926 they employed Auguste-Claude Heiligenstein as art designer. The company of Daum Frères supplied the unpainted items that were hand painted after designs by Heiligenstein. During this great Leune period, superb classy pieces thickly enameled were produced.

Leune also produced molded-pressed glass vases with the Etaleune signature. They look like a line of product of the Muller Freres catalog.

The company closed at some time during the early 1930s. All enamel painted items where signed with Leune. While press-moulded vases have a printed stamp.