Charles LEMANCEAU French Art Deco Borzoi Greyhound Couple, 1930s

French Art Deco Greyhound Couple Sculpture

by Charles LEMANCEAU

at Saint-Clément

France, 1930


This piece was illustrated in the Saint-Clément catalogue, 1930

and sold in Le Bon Marché (Parisian department store)

Also illustrated in "Craquelés, les animaux en céramique 1920-1940"

by Patrick Malaureille, Massin éditeur, 1993, page #33


"Les craquelés Art Déco" by Alain-René Hardy and Bruno Giardi

Editions Penthesilia, 2009, page #70

Width: 17.25"(43.8cm), Height: 6.7"(17cm), Depth : 2"(5.1cm)

Signed "Lemanceau" on the base and stampled "Saint-Clement Made in France" (see photos)

Condition : very good ! Some very slight traces of age

A great condition for its age !

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