Octave Larrieu, artist sculptor of monuments and in particular the war memorial of Maubourguet is also a remarkable ceramist.

From 1930, he worked with his daughter, Simone Larrieu in their ceramic workshop in Maubourguet. They practice sandstone and earthenware, the painted or relief decorations of which are applied from designs by Simone Larrieu. Painter, pastellist, Simone Larrieu is a member of the association La Palette and decorator on ceramics. She is the one who provides most of the decorations for the family workshop.

Art deco pieces

The pieces produced are particularly Art Deco: vases with engraved reliefs, stylized patterns, flowers ... The sandstone will take on the African style and reach its peak in 1931, when the colonial exhibition took place. Characters, vegetation, animals are present (elephants, panthers). Simone, meanwhile, will create large flowers for vases and pitchers but also adorned with birds. Pieces will come out of the workshop signed Charlotte Pommier, model of Octave Larrieu and decorator. Father and daughter also signed lamp bases, dinner sets, table centerpieces… Simone was absent for three years, she became Simone Gendre and followed her husband to Paris in 1936. She returned in 1939 and made more everyday objects. At the end of the war, she moved with her husband to Gironde without leaving the local workshop. She devotes herself more to painting, to watercolors. His father will also make some paintings. Their ceramic work is exceptional, highly rated and quite limited. It was broadcast in Tarbes, Lourdes, on the Basque coast, in Asia and in Vietnam. She is highly sought after.

Born in Argentina

Sculptor and ceramist, Octave Larrieu was born in Argentina, in 1881, and returned to France at a very young age. He moved to Paris and rubbed shoulders with famous artists such as Auguste Rodin, apprenticed at the Manufacture de Sèvres. He teaches drawing and debuts at the Salon des Artistes in 1907. He will be a fighter in the Great War and will be gassed. For health reasons, he moved to Maubourguet in 1919, the cradle of the family. His wife and children are with him. His house is located avenue de la gare, near the Fabre property.