Robert Guillerme is a French designer whose furniture is a reference among the creations of the 50s and 70s. Chambron will be of great help to him thanks to his commercial flair.

It is easily possible to recognize Guillerme's creations thanks to the materials used: waxed oak, the light shade obtained by working on the tannin of the wood but also thanks to the darker shades due to iron oxide. Their company Votre Maison has marked the history of French design.

Robert Guillerme graduated from the Boulle school in 1934. Particularly brilliant in furniture design and architecture, he joined the Ateliers Rogie. Jacques Chambron was a graduate of the School of Applied Arts in Reims and worked as a painter-decorator in his own studio. Chambron decided to move to Lille in 1948. Guillerme and Chambron met after the war and then met Emile Dariosecq, owner of a cabinetmaking workshop. A year later, they founded the company Votre Maison. Guillerme created, Chambron supports customers and the Dariosecq workshops manufactured the furniture. They quickly met with great success and produced a variety of furniture. Jacques's son will take over the business.