July 15, 1903 Count Olivier Hallez Arros rents a house in 10 and 12 Notre Dame in Pierrefonds. There he installs a painter and decorator studio , his office and an oven.

In October 1920, he creates in Pierrefonds, a production studio, decorating and selling heraldry ceramics under the brand Olivier de Sorra. Among his partners and major shareholders figures Adolphe Clément , better known under the name of Clement Bayard. The expected success does not come and it is decided given the parlous state of the financial situation , to transform the society into a limited company that becomes the Heraldry Ceramic SA (January 30, 1904).and settles in premises belonging to Clement, at 3 rue Notre Dame.

Count Hallez Arros is no longer part of the society , Clement , due to the importance of its advances , becomes in 1910 the owner of the company .

In September 1912, Emile Bouillon, ceramist , sculptor modeler ; Victor Dammann , painter ; Michel Richard , ceramic painter of flowers and romantic scenery ; Joseph Gardon, ceramic painter arrive in Pierrefonds from their native Lorraine at the request of Clement . Adolphe Clément Bayard dies in 1928, his son continues his action. In 1937, the buildings are sold, Emile Bouillon and her 5 children buy the factory and found the company Bouillon father and sons. Password, make beautiful !

Emile Bouillon dies January 22, 1945 . His two sons , returning from captivity in Germany, continue the activity beginning with the rebuilding of the plant bruised . The situation is successful because of the work done, Albert Bouillon takes care of the administrative part , his brother René Bouilon is responsible for manufacturing. After a very good year , business is stuck with the advent of plastic , much less expensive, the starting of excellent travelers to retirement and the competition from weaker and cheaper articles made ​​at lower temperatures of 300 to 400 ° .

René Bouillon leaves the factory late February 1952 , he will return to help his brother Albert patient who will die March 19, 1963 . His widow maintains the factory until the sale in 1971 to Mr Vannereau who will keep it for 15 years.