Edmond ETLING is an editor of decorative arts in Paris, who has excelled in 1920-1930 in France. His company was founded in 1909. He had two basic principles: first always be in the style of the day and the other, engaging the artists in fashion. Thus Etling brand covers an impressive list of artists : Lucille Sevin, (author of vases and statuettes of female nudes), Geneviève Granger (vases and female nudes wearing boyish), Géza Hiecz (animals and birds), George Beal ( vases and stylized plant cuts), Guiraud-Riviere and, Colinet. He edited the most of the Demeter Chiparus bronze and chryselephantine works. His shop was located at 29, rue de Paradis in Paris where many pieces of pressed molded glass, statuary bronze, terracotta or ceramic were presented to customers. He willmake Richard vases between 1920 and 1929 at Johann LOETZ WITWE's in South Bohemia, at Klostermühle. The artistic glass quality of Edmond Etling was compared to that of René Lalique. The Crystal de Sevres produced parts from molds of the models which the artist still owned and then Choisy le Roi (1932).