Started in 1867 by Adrien Céleste Pillon, who was the priest of the village of Ercuis in the Oise, the manufacture of silverware quickly expanded towards "Art de la Table" and took on the name of Ercuis.

For more than hundred years, Ercuis has been found on all the most prestigious tables, including such legends as The Orient Express, The Normandie, The Ritz and The Plaza Athénée. Always faithful to the tradition of exceptional quality, Ercuis are not satisfied with a silver-plating of only 33 microns or 79 grams for 12 table spoons and forks. Ercuis' standard is considerably higher, because they use 63 microns or 150 grams on twelve pairs of table spoons and forks, which gives their cutlery such depth of shine and exceptional durability.

The Centaur mark, which guarantees this quality, is found on every piece that they produce in their factory, in the Oise district of France. Because of its very properties, silver is a perfect material for modern living, especially when used in a dishwasher, as it takes on that wonderful patina with each successive wash.

Every year, Ercuis design new patterns which bring fashion, elegance and pleasure to new generations.