KAZA FRANCE, Large Art Deco Ceramic Pelican, Early 1930s

Large French Art Deco Ceramic Pelican - Ref 04712

by Gabriel BEAUVAIS for KAZA

rue de Paradis, Paris (10e)

France, early 1930s

Polychrome crackle glaze ceramic

Height : 8.7"(22cm), Width : 16.9"(43cm), Depth : 7.3"(18.5cm)

Signed "G.Beauvais" on the base

Marked "Edition Kaza France" under the base

Just some very small lacks of cover on corners of the base (to be accurate) what is the minimum for this kind of piece

The condition is stunningly excellent !

At the beginning of the 1930s, some producers did not hesitate to offer large statuettes with polychrome decoration, on subjects most often human, but also animal. It is not difficult to understand how from discreet highlights applied in nets, in light touches, this use of color soon extended to coloring flesh, clothing, jewelry, accessories, or even specific parts of animals. , such as beaks, crests, legs and flippers. This refined production, requiring more care in the design and in the manufacture, and therefore, of higher cost price, was the prerogative of the most distinguished producers, Kaza, Robj and Goldscheider, whose commercial circuits touched an elite endowed with good financial means

Kaza often used pink in the works of Gabriel Beauvais. Here, there is a shade of pink on the animal's body and the base below it, partly tinting the ceramic and the cracks, in contrast to the rest of the piece where the cracks remain naturally black

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