Maurice Dufrene  2 Lithographs enhanced with gouache 1906


2 Lithographs enhanced with gouache 1906 

by Maurice DUFRENE

2 original plans from "Interieur Moderne d'une Famille Française" by Maurice Dufrene

These two plans are the illustration of the dining-room

The first plan shows a general view of the room

On the second one, we zoom on the interior door and we can see details as armchair, chair, what-not, sideboard and small table

Both plans are signed "Maurice Dufrene"

These plans are #13 and #14 of the eighteen that are composing the whole illustration of this book

Opportunities to acquire this kind of work by Maurice Dufrene or any other famous French Art Deco creator are more than rare. So, do not miss it...

If you want to decorate your walls with these plans, you will just have to choose a framing assorted to your taste.

Dimensions of each plan: 20.47"x14.17" (52cmx36cm)

Condition. #13: discolorations on the edges and dots due to the age; a cut on the bottom edge. #14: some cuts on the edges and wear on the left edge (see photo). The whole is in good condition, wears and cuts are due to the old age (100 years old).

The edge wears and cuts can be hidden by the frame that you will choose