Maison Drimmer was founded in Paris, shortly before the Second World War, by Louis Drimmer. The adventure began in Aveyron in 1945: Louis Drimmer and his wife Hildegarde decided to settle in this department after the difficult times of the war. Decorations on porcelain, earthenware, lampshades are the first activities of the company which will specialize in the manufacture of whole lamps at the beginning of the 70s, in particular with the creations of the Aveyronnais C. Czlapa. The company will acquire a worldwide reputation by calling on young artists or designers like Philippe Starck. In the 2000s, it struggled to adapt to changing market conditions. In 2006, it was taken over by Jean-Philippe and Pierre-Olivier Murat with a group of local investors and became Société Nouvelle Drimmer. It did not resist the crisis of 2011.