Clement Nauny was born September 28, 1900 in Oran. He arrived in Paris in 1918 and after a brief acting career thanks to which it binds with artists such as Alberto Giacometti and Diego, André Masson and Jacques Prévert, he founded in 1927 Desny home. Desny results from the contraction of "dessin" (drawing) and "Nauny." The company represented the taste and style of Clement NAUNY associated with his brother Maurice NAUNY, Louis Poulin (designer) and Henri DAGNEAU (foreman). Desny owned a boutique, located at 122, avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris, and a workshop street of Tunis, where each model was conceived.

Between 1927 and 1933 he designed both furniture, fixtures, silverware, carpets and interior. The best known are those made arrangements for Mr. Pierre-David Weill, Georges-Henri RIVIERE and Miss Thurnauer. His designs are also appreciated by modernists as were the architect Rob Mallet-Stevens and the Maharajah of Indore, which had various objects in his palace Desny Manik Bagh in India. The most famous among them Worth, Chanel, Lucien Lelong and fashion houses, he will entrust the design of objects for editing in their name.

Desny is best known for his lighting designs for indirect lighting, and silverware in the records of unique shapes and modernists. Indeed, Clement NAUNY is particularly focused on the indirect lighting which he appreciated the qualities and the new possibilities it offered in the overall design of an interior. Most of its fixtures were made ​​of glass and metal, and had different mechanisms to adapt their shape and to vary the intensity of the light emitted according to the needs of the user. Some lighting designs called "Trinkets bright" or "bright Architectures" will also be the sole function of bright spots illuminating the dark corner of a room, their vocabulary of forms are sometimes closer to the sculpture of the luminaire . The silverware equally modern style, also included various mechanisms that made them no longer only decorative, but also rational shape never taking precedence over function.

The 1929 crisis and its consequences have yet because of this House who ceased trading following a bankruptcy in 1933 Clement NAUNY never recovered completely from this failure and if it later turned into a another creative activity, this time it was to create costume jewelry under the "Seahorse", always accompanied by the same employees.

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