The Denbac manufacture was created in 1909 by René Denert (1872-1937) who joined forces in 1910 with René-Louis Balichon. It specializes in flamed stoneware with metallic reflections. Stoneware is a natural clay which fires at high temperature (1250/1350°C) thus making it possible to obtain vitrified, waterproof and solid objects. Research is being carried out to mix different more or less meltable enamels in order to obtain the colors, drips and crystallizations that today make it so easy to recognize a “Denbac” piece. Each flamed stoneware piece is unique. Indeed, depending on their composition, some glazes are extremely sensitive to variations in thickness, temperature and firing atmosphere.

The factory creates pieces such as vases and decorative objects that can be made by sculptors. The choice of Art Nouveau forms in 1909 made it possible to give a stamp of modernity to production without taking commercial risks. The manufacture has also created Art Deco pieces dating from the 1920s, thus placing the Denbac brand in an artistic contemporaneity.

René Denert dies in 1937, following this event René-Louis Balichon manages to maintain the activity of the company. However, it did not resist the Second World War.