André Delatte was born in Châtenois (Vosges, France) in 1887.Far from the world of the art, he becomes a great banker. Among his customers are the Muller Brothers. They become friends. Delatte visites the Muller's studios and discovers his passion for the glass, especially in its chemical aspect. He leaves the bank and studies chemistry.


After his diplomas, in 1919, he starts a studio in Nancy (rue du Faubourg des 3 Maisons), where he decorates glass pieces made by the Muller Freres. Two years later, he builds his first furnace in Jarville, near Nancy. About thirty people work for him. 

Many ones come from the Daum's glassworks. The studios moves to Nancy (16 rue de Metz). The Faubourg des 3 Maisons studios are reserved to the work when hot. The company is called Verreries de l'Est what is in correspondence with the Delatte's ambitions. Soon, he compares with the most famous glassworks in Nancy. 

This success is explained by the Delatte's talent in business. He knows to choose the best men to place them at the right place in his company, such as Paul Maheux who manages the glass production. All the most beautiful pieces made in the glassworks in the thirties are the fruit of his work. André Delatte understands very well the Art Deco dawning and produces pieces in accordance with the taste of the people in this period.

In 1926, about 60 people work for his glassworks and his headquarters are located Quai Ligier in Nancy. But the crisis and the production coming from the East of Europe make that the Delatte's glassworks must close its doors in 1933.In 1937, André Delatte moves to Cavaillon in the South of France and is successfull in the work of insurances.

He will die in 1953 by a heart-attack during stay in Toulouse where he went to see his granddaughter.

He is buried in Toulouse , near his family, but very far from Nancy.