Choisy-le Roi is a town near Paris. The glassworks was created in 1820. The director was Georges Bontemps who found in 1838 the filigree glass technique invented in Murano by glass masters Filippo and Bernardo Cantani and lost since this period. A few years later he also found the Roman technique of millefiori lost too. Baccarat, Saint-Louis, the Cristalleries de Clichy will use these techniques to make paperweights and many other pieces that had a very big success. Curiously, Choisy glassworks did not develop its business with this discovery and it closed in 1849.

After some failures, the glassworks is took over by Léon Houdaille, coming from the Sèvres glassworks,  in late 1890s. Beside the making of household electric articles, a studio is set up to make Art Nouveay glass pieces. Some brothers of the Muller family will bring their savoir-faire to develop this activity.

But the big success comes with the merging with Cristallerie de Sèvres in 1932. This one brings its savoir- faire in the technique of molded-pressed glass used by René Lalique, Sabino, Pierre D'Avesn, Etling, ... From 1932 till 1940, the glassworks will make some masterpieces to Jean Luce and Edmond Etling (this one used his proper molds). 

Just after war, Pierre D'Avesn comes and creates some of his masterpieces there. 

In 1952, the Léon Houdaille's son stops the activity of the glassworks and brings this beautiful story to an end.