Born in Paris during the 19th century, he studies under Gardet and Fremiet.

Member of the Société des Artistes Français, he exhibites at the Salon des Artists Francais from 1894 until 1933. Medal of Honour in 1894. He sculpts "La muse de l'aviation", bronze trophy given on May 1, 1909, to Wilbur et Orville Wright on the occasion of their reception by the aéro-club de la Sarthe (Le Mans, France). This sculpture represents their busts in presence of their sister Katharine. It is still in the Honour room of their family house (Hawthorne Hill, Dayton, Ohio). Another of his works can be seen in Clamart (Paris), square de la Maison Blanche.

He sculpts staggards, does, lions, lionesses, panthers, birds, dogs (especially shepherds for which he is particularly noted), and horses.

You will find new reproductions on the market place. Be careful...

La Muse de l'Aviation