From 1944 to 1946 he is professor at the School of Applied Arts.Influenced by the exhibition featuring the works of the Quatre-potiers, he comes down to Vallauris in 1947 and opens the Atelier Callis work, where join him soon Picault Robert and Jean Derval.They modernize the traditional forms of Provencal pottery in Vallauris until their separation in 1952, when Roger Capron creates its own workshop.He turns to mass production, while maintaining quality craftsmanship. Abandoning turned pieces, he creates models to be released in large numbers, these pieces arre molded, and their decoration often uses the technique of paraffin reserves such as these gridded patterns very well known, or those called "pajamas." He will produce for many years vases, pitchers, jugs, cups or stems, which are sold worldwide, often through department stores. His studio will employ up to 120 people and several young ceramists will be trained there, as Roger Collet.

In 1963, Roger Capron devotes himself to decorative tiles to furniture and architecture. He creates many decorations for public or private buildings. Jean Derval works with him for some major projects.

In the late sixties, he uses the sandstone for his pieces, then his tiles, leading to the pattern "garrigue" that everyone knows.

In the eighties, until his death, he produces beautiful Raku sculptures, often exported to the United States. Jacotte his wife, with whom he married in 1955, and Jean-Paul Bonnet were his closest collaborators.

Roger Capron died on November 8 2006 leaving behind a considerable body of work that is recognized worldwide.


1922 Born September 4 in Vincennes

1939-1943 Studied at the École des Arts Appliqués à l'Industrie (School of Applied Arts) in Paris

1945 Professor of Drawing at the École des Arts Appliqués à l'Industrie (School of Applied Arts) in Paris

1946-1948 Foundation of 'l`Atelier Callis' in Vallauris in collaboration with Robert Picault and Jean Derval.

1952 Creation of a small factory in an old pottery factory

1968 New collaboration with Jean Derval

1970 Collaboration with Marazzi-Sassuolo

1983 Creation of the Atelier Capron

2006 Died November 8.


1954 Gold Medal at the Milan Trienalle

1955 Silver Medal at Cannes

1957 and 1958 Gold Medal at Brussels Exhibition of architectural ceramics

1968 Prix du Ministère des Affaires Culturelles

1970 Grand Prix International de la Céramique

1980 Prix Spécial de l'Architecture

Born in Vincennes, September 4, 1922, Roger Capron is originally interested in drawing. He is a student of Ecole des Art Appliqués in Paris from 1939 to 1943.