Santiago Rodríguez Bonome (April 20, 1901 in Santiago de Compostela - October 29, 1995 in Dreux) is a wood sculptor and ceramist of international reputation (United States, France, Spain, Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan...).

Many works are exhibited in different museums:

Paris, National Museum of Modern Art - National Center of Art and Culture Georges-Pompidou

La Rochelle

Spain, Valle-Inclan Foundation

Spain, Museum of Lugo

Spain, Caixanova Collection...

Spain, Prado Museum in Madrid

Born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 1901, son of Evaristo Rodriguez Bréa and Antonia Bonome Pérez, he worked very young in his father's humble cabinetmaking workshop. Little attracted by this job, when his father asks him what he wants to do: "sculptor" he answers.

He therefore entered, at the age of 13, in the religious imagery workshop of José Rivas, at the foot of this cathedral which he admired so much, then at the age of 18 in that of Enrique Carballido.

"Because he is so, so young, Bonome! Ridiculously young said a critic, who probably did not know that these years of apprenticeship, of real apprenticeship as an apprentice in a real workshop (a saint a day and strongly, for all the processions, all the chapels and all the devotees of the province) are each worth four years -at least- of study in an academy..." Margarita Nelken (Madrid 1932)

In 1924, he left for Madrid where he exhibited at the Galician Center, at the National Exhibition and then in La Coruña.

In 1925, at the Galicia Center in Buenos Aires he sold almost 30 of his works.

From 1926 to 1927 he exhibited in Barcelona, at the Venice Biennale then in Monza (Italy) where he met Pirandello, then in Havana.

In 1929 he arrived in Paris where Lucas Moreno and Mendez Casal were waiting for him.

He exhibited in 1931 at Leblanc-Barbedienne who would become his publisher.

In 1940 he married Simone Grottard with whom he had two daughters, Jacqueline and Hélène.

The Second World War will bring a profound change in the life of the artist who will turn to the manufacture of cast iron decorative objects, then to ceramic art.

We find some of his works in Tokyo, Philadelphia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain of course... in museums and in private collections: Portraits of the Spanish Ambassador, Quiñones de León, of the president of the government of the second Spanish republic in exile in Paris, Manuel Portela Valladares, of the great architect Palacios, of Valle Incan, of Isabelle Mallet (creator of the week of kindness in Paris) of the painter Nestor de La Torre, mausoleum of poet Perez Lugin, 'La Femme de l'Idole' (National Center of Art and Culture Georges-Pompidou in Paris) 'Agriculture and Labour' (Ministry of Labour, Madrid), 'Compostellana domu " (Prado Museum in Madrid), "The Pain", Joan of Arc...