Charles Barberis (born 01/01/1888 in Paris and died on 03/10/1980 ) is a sculptor.

At 17 he studies at the Beaux- Arts where he is a pupil of Injalbert and Peter. There he acquires the strict discipline of neo- classical Greek and wins the Lamaire and Chenevard Prize . From 1913, he exhibits at the Salon des Artistes Français, the Salon d'Automne and the Colonial Society . Decorated with the Croix de Guerre , he lives the collapse of Tsarist Russia. In 1922, he obtains a grant for travel created for the artists by the general government of Madagascar and sails for Red Island where he remains four years, passionately in love with this land. He makes several important works particularly " The Water Carrier ", the bust of the young Ramatou (1928), the Memorial of Antananarivo in Madagascar. Returned to France in 1927, he participates in the International Colonial Exhibition.


Albert Laprade entrusts him with the execution of the great monumental relief which adorns the facade of the Museum of the colonies (1931)

In 1935, he completes the Memorial Lake Anosy in the crowning of a " winged victory " which they have seen a kind of inspiration from Bourdelle . He was responsible for several other works including " Gliding " Palais de l' aviation, the statue of General Leclerc in Meudon- Bellevue, the monument to Alfred Grandidier which rises in the Park Tsimbazaza in Antananarivo and the Memorial of Saint- Germain -en- Laye. Member of the jury and the committee of the Salon des Artistes Français, standout and holder of the Great Medal of Honor of this Salon , he is also a member of the committee of the French Overseas Territories Salon. Holder of the Gold Medal of the International Exhibition of 1937 and member of the Sculptor Associoation , he is also a member of the Malagasy Academy .

Charles Barberis was elected Fellow of the Academy of Sciences of the overseas 04/07/1958 .

His pieces of art are very rare on the marketplace, Charles Barberis was born in a rich family and did not need to sell his production. Among his remarkable works : "Ramatou the fountain" (1928), "Combat" (1929), "Child in cap" (1932) and "Young Lady with gazelle" (1936).