How to hang a French chandelier from a US electrical box ?

US people know how hanging a modern US chandelier from a ceiling electrical box. Here is an example.

Maybe have you wanted to acquire a French Art Deco chandelier, but have you shrunk thinking it could be complicated ? But there is nothing complex.

If you have an electrical box inside your ceiling, installing a French Art Deco chandelier is the same stuff as for a modern US chandelier, except the junction between the canopy and the central hollow tube that fits in the metal crossbar. The most often, the French Art Deco canopies need a hook to be hanged.

So, you must fix an interface between the tube and the canopy. A hook or a collar loop should be fine.

In case of a collar loop, mind you will have to open it to hang the canopy and close it. So the version of the right photo below is the correct one.

You should find what you need at your hardware store or on this website, or another.

If the canopy is not enough wide to hide the hole in the ceiling, the simplest solution is leaving the plastic cover cutting it in the center.

Surely other solutions exist. We only make suggestions. You should find a help at your hardware store or an electrician will know.