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Delatte, AndreyyVALLAURIS Pair of Midcentury Candlesticks, 1940syyFrench Art Deco Silver Plate Fruit Centerpiece, Ca.1930Schneider, CharlesPetitotLeuneDegueGilles, PierreyyFrench Art Deco Leather Table Lamp its of Jacques Adnet, 1930syyFrench Art Deco Bronze Cat & Dog bookends, 1930syyFrench Art Deco Acid-etched Flush Mount, 1920syyFrench Art Deco Chinese Cocktail Picks, 1930sDaumyyFrench Rattan & Bamboo Stool, Early 20th CenturyyyDesk / Table Lamp by Michael Powolny at Loetz, Early 20th CenturyyyCLA French Art Deco Ceiling-light, ca.1930yyFrench Art Deco Ginkgo Biloba Wall Mirror, ca. 1925Loys LuchaCherrier & BesnusMuller FreresyyFrench Art Deco Wrought-iron Mirror by MORIN, 1920syyLarge French Art Deco Modernist Pendant Chandelier, 1930sLemanceau, CharlesyyLockheed Constellation Desk Lamp, Late 1940sDelatte, AndreyyDEVEAU French Art Deco Pendant Chandelier, Acid-etched Japanese pattern, 1920syyJAZ French Art Deco Bakelite Clock, 1930sLemanceau, CharlesyyDelphin MASSIER Flower Wall Stand, Late 19th CenturySAINT-CLEMENT French Art Deco Big Lama Statue, 1930Schneider, CharlesCabinet With Drawers And Dressing TableyyFrench Art Deco Wrought-iron Snake and Alabaster Pendant Chandelier, 1920sArmadillo Cabinet in Linden Wood and Smoked EucalyptusMatégot, Mathieu