37-39 rue des Morillons, Paris, 15e

House founded in 1832 by Eustache Delion. Then Louis (1852-1880), his son, will succeed him for a short time. His widow will take over until his son Edmond-Alfred is in charge of the company. Unfortunately taken away prematurely by the war, his son Edmond will replace him to his majority. We do not know the date of the closure of the company. The premises were destroyed and replaced by a preventable building.

This ironwork company, known and influential at the time, unfortunately left only few documents. It was intended to provide any element of wrought iron decoration for the home and exteriors. It was the decorator Maurice Eté who was responsible for highlighting the creations of Delion, and compose or complete the interiors of clients.

Some achievements of the Maison Delion

Reims - Hotel Beranger, 49 rue Boulard
The Beranger Hotel is one of the largest private projects of the Reims reconstruction. Built in 1923 by Adolphe Bauve (1886-1952), it is remarkable for the wealth of its details: ironwork by Delion, stained glass by Jacques Simon, decoration, staffs and columns from the entrance by Lacote-Wary.