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We are French dealers specialized in the Decorative Arts of the 20th Century (Art 
Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-20th Century). For 24 years, we select the finest goods from Europe and especially France. 15 years ago, we have started a new company Art Deco Ceramic Glass Light to offer our products on the internet. 
All the items that we propose are in France. They are professionally packed and insured. We ship to worldwide with the maximum of security. 
We work with interior designers, collectors and more generally Decorative Arts lovers all over the world. So, if you are looking for something special, do not hesitate to inquire. We will do our best to answer and provide.  As you will see, our choice is important. It is because we hunt and pay for these fine pieces. But, mind these articles are rare now ...We hope that you will enjoy by visiting our gallery. more...

New arrivals

One year already ! Thank you Ozzy and Sharon for your confidence !

The Castle of Lethendy (Scotland) is a high-level conference, wedding and business venue with 11 rooms for rent. The castle was in the headlines when rumors announced that Taylor Swift was looking to buy a castle in Scotland. We are happy to contribute to this beautiful enterprise.


Model GlassworksSchneider, CharlesIngrand, MaxFrench Art Deco Cornet Lamp 1930Saint-ClementDelion, EdmondPetitot
Jean Despres Champagne Bucket, 1950
Lemanceau, CharlesLacroix, BorisUgo CIPRIANI French Large Art Deco Terracotta Sculpture 1930sMuller FreresFrench Art Deco Greyhound Sculpture, 1930JazSevbFrench Mid-century Chandelier, 1960s 

That's The Way We See Business

COMMUNICATION : Contact us and communicate before purchasing. Get all the answers about the item in which you are interested. You are on the point of purchasing an Art Nouveau, Art Deco or Mid-20th Century piece. Ask us and we will respond. A good deal is a deal well understood.

Art Deco Ceramic Glass Light website is hosted in Mountain View, California, 94043, United States

We regularly inform you about our activity and many other things such as exhibitions, auctions, French antique fairs, artist biographies, technical solutions...
As you know our offer is not based on an industrial production and we can propose only one copy of each object. It is why our New Arrivals section may be a way to not miss the item that you are searching for a long time.
You will see that nice discounts will be sometimes offered, maybe the opportunity to make a bargain.