Rene BUTHAUD for PRIMAVERA Large Ceramic Vase, 1923-1926

Large French Art Deco ceramic vase- Ref 12711

from the Rene BUTHAUD workshop at Sainte-Radegonde

for PRIMAVERA (Paris)

France, 1923-1926

The mythological decor composed of Europa riding the bull, and an Amazon, a horse, in a typical plant decoration,

shows a return of Buthaud to his Persian inspirations of 1918

However, the drawing of the young women is totally in tune with his style from the early 1920s

The molded shape of the vase is prior to the arrival of Buthaud in Sainte-Radegonde

We meet it since 1920 with a decor by Peaudecerf & Girault (illustrated in "Primavera, 1912-1972, Atelier d'Art du Printemps" Edition Faton, 2014, page # 76, see photo)

Height : 32cm (12.6"), Diameter : 29cm (11.4")

Engraved under the base "Primavera France 480" (see photo)

The neck of the vase is slightly tilted as was often the case at Sainte-Radegonde

The mold seam is visible

In its original condition when it left the workshop

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