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Who we are

I am Georges Mercier. I was born in Nîmes, a city in the south of France, known for its antique monuments built by the Roman people in the first century of our era. Maybe do you know our Amphitheater or Maison Carrée ?                                                                         

After school, I studied data-processing and, at 23 years old, I started a professional carreer at Burroughs' (now Unisys) that was the second computer manufacturer in the world in this period. At 39, I left Unisys and started a new business in the antiques that were my passion. Laetitia had got her Master of Art History. I met her. She met me. Together, we were exhibiting 20th Century French Decorative Art pieces in famous fairs in France, meeting French and international clients.

In 2002, we started to offer items on the internet and in 2003, we created a new company Art Deco Ceramic Glass Light Sarl dedicated to this activity.
Now, ADCGL is still growing. Our network is large and we have clients all around the world. We provide collectors, antique dealers, interior designers ; known people such as actors, singers, movie directors, writers, politicians, but also, of course, less known French Decorative Art lovers that we thank to be in confidence with us.

We hope that you will enjoy with this website, and maybe will you become an ADCGL client, if you do not already are ?