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Items in multiple for interior decorators, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Some of our clients want to buy items in multiples. To furnish a large house, a restaurant, a hotel, a shop, etc. Finding identical old items by 3, 4 or more is impossible. Only a miracle would allow it, but we all know that miracles are exceptional. So how to satisfy this demand of our clients when it is accompanied by a desire to have period pieces? The solution we have found and that we propose is to provide new items made identical to the old ones from the original molds. For this, we use original molds of glass or bronze pieces from great artists or decorators of the Art Deco era in France, and we have our pieces made by the best craftsmen. We sell them as new items. This activity of articles in multiples comes at the request of our customers in addition to our natural offer of old objects and we separate the two in complete transparency.