Henry Mouynet French Art Deco Pink Pendant Chandelier, 1920s

Henry Mouynet, manufacturer of bronze lighting (11 rue Etienne Marcel-prolonged, Paris) was one of the largest producers of bronze interbellum lighting, alongside companies such as Hettier-Vincent and Petitot in Paris and Cherpion in Nancy.

Both Schneider and Degué made several molded-pressed shades for him that were signed H.Mouynet or J.Mouynet.

He had a large Parisian company working mainly in a neoclassical style, but he also made Art Deco wall sconces and chandeliers. 

In 1926, he built a huge building at 11 rue Etienne Marcel Prolongé (now rue Roger Verlomme). After the crisis, he was forced to sell it. H. Markhbeinn, whose business was to import and distribute bohemian glasses from eastern Europe, bought the place in 1937.