yyLUNEL Pretty French Mid-century Chandelier, 1950syyLUNEL French Mid-century Pair of Wall Sconces, 1950sLUNEL Gorgeous French Mid-century Chandelier, 1950sLUNEL French Mid-century Wall Lights Pair, 1950s
LUNEL French Mid-century Wall Sconces Pair, 1950s
Mid-century French Ceiling Light 1950sRené MATHIEU French Vintage Pierced Wall Light - Ref 06606


LUNEL is a lighting editor traditionally associated with the modern movement for its achievements similar to those of the first French designers. The LUNEL publishing house has notably popularized the intervention of lacquered tubular metal or even brass in the creation of lighting. Chandeliers, lamps, wall lights or floor lamps, many pieces produced by LUNEL borrow the same formal, sober and refined vocabulary, which makes it a popular publisher for collectors with an easily identifiable design.