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French Art Deco Chandelier by BORIS LACROIX

jean-boris jean boris lacroix french art deco opalescent glass wrought iron bird birds desk table lamp
by Boris LACROIX, ca.1935

The 6 shades show sea shells, sea snails and water. They are made in a thick opalescent glass with a very high quality like you have rarely seen.

Each shade is sustained by a magnificent siren in massive bronze. Not brass. Bronze! The patina is shaded off to accentuate the reliefs.

The mermaids are held up by a globe in green metal (the color of the ocean) that is ornamented with sea snails that are lit up with the chandelier. When lit, the globe seems to be a liner with the sea snails as port scuttles.

The whole is disposed around a shaft in brass with cordage in bronze on the top and on the bottom.

Width of the shades: 8.07"(20.5cm). Length of each mermaid: 12.6"(32cm). Full height: 35"(89cm).


Absolute mint condition!  
Price : sold