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Gallé, Emile

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We present here a VERY RARE PIECE! It is an inlaid Wall Small Chest made in the Galle studio in Nancy (France) about 1890. Two parts for this piece. The upper one is a what-not in walnut. The back made in different noble woods shows poppies at the first level, then vegetation (trees), the sea and the sky in the night with stars in the sky and reflecting in the water. The lower one is composed with two doors opening on an inside part. These two doors constitute an only pattern showing another sea-side with trees, water, sky and the moon that is reflecting in the sea. This pattern is rounded with poppies. For the lock, a very nice key. The original one! On each side of this lower part there is a marquetry pattern showing poppies. A lot of poetry emanates from this piece...
Please, take a look at the columns on each side of the structure. Is it not pleasant this twisted flute on each one? The Art Nouveau touch... This wall small chest has two metal pieces on its back to hang it on the wall.
We have to specify too, that the incised signature is from about 1890 ie when Emile Galle was alive (he died in 1904). It is a piece from Emile Galle!!! and not made by the Galle studios after his death. Then, this kind of piece is extremely rare in the Galle production. It is the first Emile Galle wall small chest we see. What more to tell to express the rarity of this piece? So, if you are an Emile Galle lover, do not miss this piece created by Emile Galle himself. The second chance will be hard to find...

We apologize for the camera flash reflections on the photos. The finishing is fine and it is not agressive as it appears on the photos. This piece is not polished with a vulgar industrial varnish applicated with sprayer, but hand polished with pad (gomme-lac) like it was sold in the Art Nouveau period. It is a big difference with an industrial finishing!!! It is more technical, longer and dearer of course.

Height: 25.2"(64cm). Width: 27.36"(69.5cm). Height of the lower part: 12.2"(31cm). Depth: 10.23"(26cm).

Incised signature "E Galle" on the left bottom of the left door.

Near MINT condition!!! It is impossible to find this kind of piece in better condition! It is absolutely STUNNING! A great piece of Emile Galle in great condition with a hand polish.


Price : sold