Zamora, Jose (de) - Biography

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(Madrid, 1889 - Sitges, Barcelona, 1971).

Painter, illustrator and writer, best known under the name of Pepito Zamora. Student of Eduardo Chicharro he moved between modernism and avant-garde. PHe participated in meetings gathered around Ramón Gómez de la Serna in the coffee Pombo in Madrid. In the book La Sagrada Cripta, he appears at retirement.

As a writer, he published articles in Cosmopolis and Tableros. Tono, Thomas Pellicer and Zamora wrote in collaboration Sueños de opio, comedy for theater presented in 1919 at the Petit Casino de Madrid. He was a friend of the writers Alvaro Retana and Antonio de Hoyos y Vinent, the dancer Tortola Valencia and the and José Padilla Sanchez for which he illustrated the covers of scores for the Parisian public. He was the artistic director of the magazine Perfiles.

As designer, he began with Paul Poiret for which it will draw many models, which are often unfairly attributed to Poiret. From the 1920s, he developed his talent for Casino de Paris (20-21), Bataclan, Concert Mayol (22-27), Palace (23-28), Moulin Rouge (24-27) and Folies Bergere (26-29). In the 1930s, he came back to Spain for the civil war. It reappears in 1940 at Casino de Paris and Mogador until 1961 (47-57). He collaborates with Max Weldy and Pascaud.

In the mid 60's, he came back to Spain and committed suicide in 71, following the preparation of an exhibition of his work.